Charlescote Farm

This is where it all began. A fourth-generation working farm, Charlescote was where we fell in love with creating. We grew up working on the farm, tending to the cows, orchards, and fields . At a young age we started making cider and eventually hard cider. That lead to an interest in distilling Brandy which, ultimately, led us to the vault. Working with ingredients grown on the farm continues to inspire us to create new spirits using local ingredients that reflect the terroir of the region.


The Vault

In the basement of the farmhouse lives a vault built from fieldstone. Our grandfather snatched a three-inch steel door from a defunct bank during the depression and behind it built an enviable collection of pre-prohibition and prohibition-era spirits. When we opened the steel door, we discovered everything from “Cow Whiskey” to “very old vodka” to “Medford Rum.” There, amongst the dust and bottles was an old framed picture of a horseshoe with a cryptic eulogy.  We knew when we saw it, we'd found the name of our distillery. The vault served as an inspiration for everything to come: the connection between the farm, our family, and Bully Boy Distillers.


Who Was Bully Boy?

Within the vault was a framed plaque dedicated to “Bully Boy,” a draft horse that worked on the farm in the early 1900s. In a fun bit of family history, we discovered that our great-grandfather was close friends with Teddy Roosevelt in college. He named his favorite horse after Teddy's famous expression “Bully!,” meaning great or extraordinary. Thus, a name was born.