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Making complexity look so simple

The old fashioned is the easiest drink to make and the hardest drink to make well. WIth one false step it can easily become too sweet, too dry, too bitter, not bitter enough, or, worst of all, corrupted by fruit and soda water. Like any well made cocktail, the key is balance. Just enough sweetness to complement the bitters, and just enough whiskey to make the whole thing worth drinking.

It’s best served three fingers in a rocks glass over one large ice cube. For an enhanced taste, muddle an orange wheel in the tumbler before pouring the cocktail, and then rim the glass with an orange peel.

SVG_code_file We are constantly tasting cocktails. It’s part of what we do. The idea for a bottled Old Fashioned was a simple one: Bring a well made cocktail, one you might find in a great cocktail bar, straight to the living room.